My resolution

At the end of each year, people begin their scramble to find the perfect resolution to work on in the new year.  Many spend this time thinking about past resolutions that were forgotten almost as quickly as they were decided upon.  I have often been one of these people.

This year, I vow to be different.

I think most of my trouble with my yearly resolution is that it is either too broad (for example, I want to lose weight) or too specific (for example, I want to lose 10 lbs by Valentine’s day).  When the years that things are too broad, I never find to motivation to start as I have all year to accomplish it.  For the years that it is too specific, I get frustrated if my plan is not perfect or exactly on track and I give up.  This year, I am trying to find the balance between too broad and too specific. I have printed out my list and will keep it hanging  in two places, where I can see them daily.

Here are my goals for 2014:

1.  Be serious about my healthy eating (aka, stop talking about it and start doing it!) by making at least one healthy choice a day.

2.  Find a church community to belong to.

3.  Reserve one night a week to be with my husband where we focus on each other, instead of the outside world.

4.  Create a fitness goal with a friend (for example, running a 5k), and stick to the plan to accomplish it.


This is on my fridge, the other is on my bureau mirror.

This is on my fridge, the other is on my bureau mirror.