It was bound to happen eventually! 


So it finally happened, I accidentally published a post while it was still in draft form. Oh well.

So now you’ve peeked behind the curtain and seen the ugly truth. I have a system while writing, one that isn’t very pretty but has worked for me up until this point. I write a draft, including notes to myself for things to fix/add/change.  I review it later, make the needed changes and then I publish the final clean copy. (Sometimes they never make it out of draft form, but that’s another whole story…) 

If you receive updates via email then you were just sent a new post, one which hadn’t been proof read, or even completed. That post will eventually be proofed, finished and posted, but not yet.   

Let’s just pretend you didn’t receive it and move forward, shall we? It would be great for me if you would. Pretty please? 😊

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