hCG update

(Written on August 14th while on a plane and I forgot to post it once we landed. Whoops! 😊)

* In this post I will be discussing my journey with our fertility specialist. I may be going into detail of things done during the appointment, so please be aware that very little will be filtered. If you are not comfortable reading this about me, or my life, in this context please stop reading now. Also, please note, I am only discussing what I have experienced. This does not mean your journey will be the same, nor should you make any medical decisions based on what I have experienced or decide to do. I hope in some way, me sharing my journey helps you during yours. Xo
I know it has been a while since my last post, but there really hasn’t been much to update you on in regards to testing right now. I’ve been going weekly to have my hcg levels monitored and I am happy to say they are FINALLY negative (which means anything less than 2). This means I can now move forward with some of the RPL (recurrent  pregnancy loss) blood tests that couldn’t be done while I still had hcg in my system. 

Here’s a quick rundown of my level each week since the miscarriage. It took my body 7 weeks post-miscarriage for my hcg even to return to a zero. From this point, My doctor informed me that the average time before I should expect my menstrual cycle is another 6-8 weeks.  Once I have my period, we will be able to complete the next round of blood tests. To give you a starting point, I will include the level I was tested at one week prior to the miscarriage.

7 weeks pregnant: 58,609 (I week prior to miscarriage, so my levels would have been much higher at the time of the procedure.)

June 26, 2015: miscarriage, 8wks pregnant

July 15: 86.5 (2.5 weeks post miscarriage)

July 22: 27.6

July 29: 12.3

August 5: 3

August 12: 3.1 (due to the increase they had me retest)

August 13 retest: <2, which is considered a 0 by my Dr. 

As you noticed above, I had to have my levels retested. The reason for this, as examined to me, was because with numbers this low the results can often be hard to read while at the lab. In my case, my doctor was not worried about the increase, and had me take an additional test the following day. Sure enough, the next day’s results came back as being negative for the hcg hormones. Finally!! While I wish it didn’t take 7 weeks, it was much better than with my first miscarriage, which took over 13 weeks. 

Regardless of the time, I’m thankful to be moving forward in this process and hopefully will have some answers soon. 

Until next time,